Microsoft introduces free second shot certification exams: Q&A

23 November 2012


The Second Shot offer provides a free retake exam if you do not pass your exam the first time.

If you purchase a Microsoft Certification exam pack, you can retake an exam once if you do not pass it the first time. For example, if you buy a 3-exam pack, you will have one (and only one) retake for each of the three exams.

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[accordion_panel title=”How long is the Second Shot Offer?”]You will have to get a voucher code, schedule an exam, pay for your exam, and take both the first exam and (if necessary) your Second Shot retake exam before the voucher expiration date. Check your voucher for the expiration date. [/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”Which Exams Qualify?”]The Second Shot offer applies to all IT professional and developer certification exams (all 070 exams). The offer also includes all academic exams (072).[/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”How do I take advantage of the offer?”]Contact your Account Manager to purchase Second Shot Exam Vouchers [/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”What will happen to Second Shot Vouchers after the expiration date?”]After the expiration date the Second Shot offer and exam vouchers tied to it will no longer be valid. You will need to have scheduled and taken your initial exam as well as the retaken exam if you fail by the expiration date. [/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”Can I register and schedule all of my exams at one time?”]No, you can only register for one exam at a time, and you cannot register for a second exam until you have taken the previous one. [/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”Can I distribute the exams in my exam pack to others, or can anyone else use my voucher code?”]No, neither exam packs nor voucher codes are transferable. Only the person who purchased the pack can take the exams in the pack. Each voucher must be used by the same individual. That individual does not have to be identified at the time of purchase. The individual will become associated with/tied to the voucher upon schedule.[/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”What happens if I lose my voucher number?”]After you registered on the Microsoft site for the Second Shot offer, you received a confirmation e-mail message, if you lose your voucher number, check the e-mail message again, as it provides a link to a page where you can obtain a new voucher number.[/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”Can other offers or discounts be combined with Second Shot offers?”]No, the Second Shot offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. [/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”How many Exams Can I take with the Offer?”]The Second Shot offer provides you with one free retake for each paid exam that you do not pass on the first try.[/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”Does Second Shot apply to Academic Exams (072)?”]Yes, the Second Shot offer does apply to Academic Exams. [/accordion_panel]

[accordion_panel title=”Is this a worldwide offer?”]Yes, this is a worldwide offer. Exams can be taken at any authorized Prometric testing center.[/accordion_panel]



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