What drives IT certifications?

9 December 2012
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An interesting perspective on what drives certification in IT industry comes from John Kleeman, Chairman at Questionmark, an assessment management software company based in London, UK.

In his blog Kleeman refers to key takeaways from European Association of Test Publishers (EATP) conference that was help in Berlin in September 2012.

IT or project management certification earned salary of $2,720 more

IT or project management certification earned salary of $2,720 more

According to the results of the survey conducted among IT test takers in Europe, employees look at certification as a way to learn and develop their skills, not to get a salary increase or a specific job. Although salary boost still remains the key factor for taking a certification path. The report suggested that professionals who had earned an IT or project management certification during the past five years earned an average salary of $2,720 more than their counterparts.

Employers view certifications as a means to ensure that their IT systems work well. Although certification doesn’t always guarantee high performance, a 2011 IDC report suggests that IT systems tend to perform better in teams with a high proportion of certified individuals. “While not a guarantee of success, certifications represent rigorously developed and meaningful bodies of knowledge. When teams are certified on relevant technologies — especially those being implemented within an organization for the first time — their likelihood of success increases,” the report said.

The main driver for certification for software vendors is that the vendors depend on skilled professional to install and setup their products. Proper deployment is a key to success. Long term success comes from customers deploying your software successfully, and this usually requires expertise – certification is a way to define the expertise needed and encourage people to gain it.


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