Mile2 Courses

Mile2 is a world’s leading cyber security consultant. The company is known for the early development of its Certified Ethical Hacker courses, which are used by the U.S Department of Defense for security training purposes.

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Why TrainLive?

  • Long-time partnership with Mile2 ensures high quality of instruction
  • Attend all classes from your home/office. TrainLive brings the classroom to your location.
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training
  • Access to class software and the virtual lab environment.


Mile2® provides Information Assurance services that meet military, government, private sector and institutional specifications. In doing so, Mile2® has become the de facto standard for organizations and militaries worldwide.

Through its partnership with Mile2 TrainLive offers a variety  of IT security courses on Digital Forensics, Disaster Recovery, Penetration Testing and more.

GTR Guaranteed to Run – means the course has enough registered students to run on a specific date. Learn more about our Guaranteed to Run promise.

Download Mile2 Cyber Security Certification Road Map Download