Microsoft Sharepoint Training


Microsoft SharePoint Training Fuels Your Business. Make Your Company’s ‘Memory’ Better With Microsoft SharePoint Training.

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Why TrainLive?

  • Most of the classes accept Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers
  • Attend all classes from your home/office. TrainLive brings the classroom to your location.
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training
  • Access to class software and the virtual lab environment.


With a tool like Microsoft SharePoint, anyone can build web portal just for their company, and set up processes that allow their employees to share documents, network online, and generally use the internet to accomplish more for their business.

And to learn how this process works, there is no better way than to complete a Microsoft SharePoint training.

GTR Guaranteed to Run – means the course has enough registered students to run on a specific date. Learn more about our Guaranteed to Run promise.

Microsoft SharePoint is specifically designed with the non-specialist user in mind. Although it can be valuable to computer professionals, it is even more useful for those with non-technical backgrounds who want to build network resources that their company or organization can use. However, without having completed a Microsoft SharePoint training course, it can be difficult for the non-specialist to know all that SharePoint can accomplish for a business. A training course will explain all the details of the software, and then allow students to go out and maximize its utility to their companies.

After completing a Microsoft SharePoint training course, students will be able to build portals for their employees, set up networks that allow employees to share files quickly, securely, and with almost no effort or wasted time, and much, much more. Learning these skills will save a business the considerable expense of hiring an outside consultant or company to set up the same resources. With Microsoft SharePoint training, managers and entrepreneurs give themselves the power to build and control their own corporate networks.

SharePoint Training