Microsoft Lync Server Training


Grow Your Business With Microsoft Lync Server Training

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Why TrainLive?

  • Most of the classes accept Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers
  • Attend all classes from your home/office. TrainLive brings the classroom to your location.
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training
  • Access to class software and the virtual lab environment.


Computer Professional Will Profit From Learning About Microsoft Lync Server. In the 21st century, it is no longer necessary for people to meet in person when they want to talk business.

Now, as often as not, business professionals communicate via the internet, using voice messaging, video conferencing, and online chat protocols.

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And for those who want to make themselves more marketable as internet professionals, training in Microsoft Lync Server, which is one of the web’s most important conferencing softwares, can be a game-changing addition to their skill set.

Microsoft Lync Server training gives internet professionals the skills needed to manage all sorts of internet conferencing. Whether clients need to talk face-to-face over video, want to hold an audio conference with multiple participants in different locations, or simply want to conduct a text chat between a few separate offices, Microsoft Lync Server gives them the power to do so. However, Lync Server is not a simple piece of software; its advanced security features and versatility mean that it is both very powerful and very demanding for those who want to use it. That’s why internet professionals with Microsoft Lync Server training are needed. They provide the skills required to facilitate a Lync Server conference.

The great thing about Microsoft Lync Server training is that as the years go on, it will only become more valuable to businesses. Online conferencing is growing in importance, and as it grows, the demand for those who understand how to work and manage Microsoft Lync Server will grow, too.