BizTalk Server Training


BizTalk Training Makes Business Automation Easy. Cut Down On Busy Work By Learning Microsoft BizTalk.

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Why TrainLive?

  • Most of the classes accept Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers
  • Attend all classes from your home/office. TrainLive brings the classroom to your location.
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training
  • Access to class software and the virtual lab environment.


Ask any business owner or entrepreneur, and they will tell you that too much of their time is taken up by busy work that is not directly related to the core of their business.

Invoicing suppliers, trading paperwork with business partners, and creating records for all manner of activities becomes a huge part of managing a business, and cuts into the time allotted for more meaningful work that grows a business.

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Fortunately, Microsoft has developed an excellent software product that eliminates many of these tasks. Microsoft BizTalk is designed to automate repetitive tasks a business has to complete, and with BizTalk server training, business owners can learn how to cut out the busy work from their work days, and focus more time on the work that matters.

BizTalk server training will allow entrepreneurs, managers, and computer professionals to take advantage of an incredible suite of tools. The BizTalk server facilitates the automation of a great many simple tasks, ranging from drawing up work orders to delivering information to clients and business partners. Those with BizTalk server training will be amazed at the sheer volume of work that can be completed by BizTalk servers, and they’ll be thankful for the time and money they save.

Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or a computer consultant or professional, BizTalk server training could be exactly what you need to advance your value in the workplace. BizTalk cuts out unnecessary work, and in doing so, it becomes an invaluable part of any organization or enterprise.

Microsoft Biztalk Training