VIS13ADV: Microsoft Visio 2013 - Level 2 & 3 / Advanced

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May 19, 2017 09:00 (EST) 1 $390.00 Register
July 19, 2017 09:00 (EST) 1 $390.00 Register
September 15, 2017 09:00 (EST) 1 $390.00 Register
November 17, 2017 09:00 (EST) 1 $390.00 Register

Course Objective

This course aims to take those users who are familiar with the basic concepts of Microsoft Visio 2013 and boost their skills to the advanced .
Students will cover a wide range of features that are a part of Visio 2013 to help them get the most out of it. This training package covers: Doing More with Shapes, Working with Containers, Adding Callouts, Using Layers, Linking Data to Shapes, Using Data Graphics, Creating Process Diagrams, Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts, Creating Organization Charts, Doing More with Organization Charts, Creating Workflow Diagrams, and Creating Gantt Charts.
A solid working knowledge of Windows and Visio Level 1 or basic Visio skills.
Course Content

Doing More with Shapes
Using Paste Special
Inserting a Field
Adding ScreenTips
Adding Hyperlinks

Working with Containers
Adding a Container
Adding Shapes to a Container
Removing Shapes from a Container
Changing the Style of the Container
Resizing a Container
Disbanding the Container

Adding Callouts
Inserting a Callout
Moving a Callout
Changing the Position of the Callout Line
Resizing a Callout
Changing the Callout Style

Using Layers
Adding a Layer
Showing and Hiding Layers
Activating a Layer
Preserving Group Member Layers
Coloring Layers
Locking Layers

Linking Data to Shapes
Manually Adding Data with the Shape Data Window
Manually Linking Shape Data
Automatically Linking Shapes to Data
Refreshing the Data Source
Removing Data Links

Using Data Graphics
Inserting Data Graphics
Creating Custom Data Graphics
Editing Data Graphics
Removing Data Graphics

Creating Process Diagrams
Creating a Process Diagram
Adding Shapes
Creating New Subprocesses
Linking Subprocesses
Editing Subprocess Links
Checking the Diagram for Errors

Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts
Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart
Adding Swimlanes and Separators
Adding Shapes
Changing Diagram Orientation and Direction
Modifying Swimlane Margins
Choosing a Flowchart Style

Creating Organization Charts
Creating an Organization Chart Manually
Creating an Organization Chart with the Wizard
Adding Shapes
Adding Images
Changing the Shape Style

Doing More with Organization Charts
Modifying the Layout
Changing the Spacing
Modifying Positioning
Creating and Using a Synchronized Copy
Comparing Charts

Creating Workflow Diagrams
Creating a Workflow Diagram
Adding Shapes
Importing SharePoint Workflows
Exporting Workflows to SharePoint
Creating Stage Outlines

Creating Gantt Charts
Creating the Gantt Chart
Entering Tasks, Dates, and Durations
Adding Rows
Adding Columns
Configuring Working Time

Creating Custom Stencils
Creating a New Stencil
Adding Shapes to a Stencil
Removing Shapes from Stencils
Deleting a Stencil

Creating Master Shapes
Creating Master Shapes
Renaming Master Shapes
Editing a Master Shape
Deleting a Master Shape

Working with Master Shapes
Editing Master Shape Properties          
Adding Master Shapes to a Stencil
Modifying Master Shape Icons
Using My Shapes and Quick Shapes with Master Shapes

Creating Shape Reports
Viewing Existing Reports
Creating a New Report
Modifying Reports
Deleting Reports

Using Comments
Adding Comments
Navigating and Viewing Comments
Editing Comments
Deleting Comments

Using Markup Tools
Marking Up a Diagram with Ink
Adding the Markup Command to the Ribbon
Enabling Track Markup and the Reviewing Pane        
Deleting Markup

Using Ink Tools
Using the Pen or Highlighter
Configuring Pen and Highlighter Appearance
Erasing Marks
Closing Ink Mode

Adding Legends
Adding a Legend
Editing Legend Text
Adding Shapes to a Legend
Removing a Legend

Creating a Template
Creating a New Template
Saving a Template File
Using a Template
Editing a Template

Getting Started with PivotDiagrams
Creating a PivotDiagram
Adding Categories
Adding Totals
Showing and Hiding PivotDiagram Elements

Editing a PivotDiagram
Applying Shapes
Moving Shapes
Collapsing and Expanding Shapes
Promoting and Demoting Shapes
Merging and Unmerging Shapes         

Working with PivotDiagrams
Sorting Data
Changing the Direction of the Diagram
Aligning Shapes in the Diagram
Using the Re-Layout Command
Editing Data for Individual Shapes