PS405: PowerShell 3 Toolmaking for Administrators

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Course Description

PowerShell Scripting and Tool Making is an Interface Technical Training exclusive class designed to get Administrators to the next level of script writing and controlling their environments with PowerShell. In this 5-day lab-intensive course, you will go beyond simple Cmdlets and master the Shell’s ability to create custom tools that you and your organization will utilize to increase efficiency.


This is course valuable for network administrators that want greater efficiency in their daily administrative work.


This is not an introductory course, students should be working administrators that understand Active Directory, DNS, and TCP/IP.  Before taking this course, students should have successfully completed the following courses or have equivalent experience:

10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

What you will learn

This class uses latest approaches, examples, and samples in Windows PowerShell utilizing Don Jones’ book on PowerShell Toolmaking. Plus you’ll receive full access to all of sample scripts and shell transcripts upon completion of the class.

Course Outline

1. Before you begin
2. PowerShell scripting overview
3. PowerShell’s scripting language
4. Simple scripts and functions
5. Scope
6. Tool design guidelines
7. Advanced functions, part 1
8. Advanced functions, part 2
9. Writing help
10. Error handling
11. Debugging techniques
12. Creating custom format views
13. Script and manifest modules
14. Adding database access
15. Interlude: creating a new tool
16. Making tools that make changes
17. Creating a custom type extension
18. Creating PowerShell workflows
19. Troubleshooting pipeline input
20. Using object hierarchies for complex output
21. Globalizing a function
22. Crossing the line: utilizing the .NET framework
23. Creating a GUI tool, part 1: the GUI
24.  Creating a GUI tool, part 2
25. Creating a GUI tool, part 3: the output
26. Creating proxy functions
27. Setting up constrained remoting endpoints
28. Never the end