PM19: Advanced Project Management: Large Projects

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September 20, 2017 09:00 (EST) 2 $1,130.00 Register
November 29, 2017 09:00 (EST) 2 $1,130.00 Register

Duration: 2 days
Format: A combination of lecture, discussions, and practical case workshops
PDUs: 14 (Professional Development Units)
Version: PMBOK 5 (latest version)

Course Overview

This seminar provides enhanced project management capabilities to participants who are or are ready to become program managers, project directors or senior project managers.  Participants will be provided with advanced planning and control skills for managing teams involved in large, complex project environments.

Description: The seminar will provide expanded knowledge to plan and control programs and large projects. Core topics include project initiation (feasibility studies and business cases), advanced project planning  tools and control methods for large projects. The seminar is hands on with group workshops built around a case which commences with project initiation and runs to project planning. 

By the completion of the seminar, participants will:

Acquire advanced project planning skills with emphasis on:

  • Work breakdown structures for large programs and projects.
  • Determining project contingencies.
  • Developing schedules that include time buffers
  • Developing complex project budgets for planned value (performance), commitments and cash flow.
  • Obtain expanded skills in change control, document management, schedule and budget forecasting using trend analysis and earned value techniques.

Materials Provided:   The seminar provides each participant with a workbook, case handout, and exercise materials.  

Prerequisite:  Project Planning for Success or Project Management Boot Camp or equivalent

Course Outline

Project Initiation

  • Project Initiation Process
  • Initial Project Charter

Workshop: Project Charter

  • Initial Stakeholder Analysis

Workshop: Stakeholder Analysis

  • Feasibility Study/Business Case

Workshop: Business Case WBS
Project Planning

  • Planning Process Model
  • Planning Environment
  • Characteristics of Large, Complex Programs & Projects
  • Expanded Scope Planning
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Large Project Work Breakdown Structure Development      
    • Multiple Products    
    • Large Projects Three Step WBS Process    
    • Complex Program/Project WBS Numbering

Workshop: WBS Development

  • Large Project Phased Forecasting And Estimating     
    • Classes Of Estimates

Workshop Discussion: Classes of Estimates

  • Work Package Planning      
    • Work Package Planning Process    
  • Scheduling
  • Traditional vs. Time Critical 
  • Determination of Buffers
    • Overhead
    • Large Project Labour Contingency

Workshop: Contingency Calculation

  • Large Project Budget Planning
    • Project Budget Definitions     
    • Building a Performance Curve    
  • Developing planned value, commitment and cash flow budgets
  • Understanding budget graphic tools

Workshop Discussion: Budget

  • Completing the Plan

Enhanced Project Control

  • Overview
  • Project Execution & Control Model
  • Definitions
  • Quality
  • Quality Function Deployment Matrix
  • Cost & Benefits of Quality
  • Quality Control Techniques
  • Change Control
  • Documentation Management
  • Project Management System Requirements
  • Schedule and budget control forecasting  and management
  • Updating and Forecasting Project Plan
  • Earned value analysis
  • Trend analysis    

Workshop: Forecasting 

Wrap Up