ORG9INT: OrgPlus 9 - Level 1 / Intro

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September 05, 2017 09:00 (EST) 2 $895.00 Register
November 20, 2017 09:00 (EST) 2 $895.00 Register

Duration: 2 days

Course Description
OrgPlus is a software application used to create organizational charts that enable a user to chart and manage the structure of an organization. With a new Ribbon Interface like recent versions of Microsoft Office, this course is aimed at users new to OrgPlus or new to version 9 specifically.

The prerequisites for this course are an introductory course to Windows or 3-4 months experience with similar software.

Course Content

For Upgrade groups

  • Exploring the Ribbon Interface
  • New Templates

Create a chart

  • Create a New Chart
  • Create an Assistant Box
  • Create Subordinate Boxes
  • Select Boxes
  • Group Styles
  • Change Group Styles
  • Delete Boxes

Conditional Formatting

  • Legends
  • Reports
  • Importing/Exporting from Excel

Edit a chart

  • Move Boxes
  • Promote an Individual
  • Copy Label Setup
  • Insert a Manager
  • Find Specific Types of Information
  • Create Special Groups
  • Create an Annotation
  • Anchor Objects

Output a chart

  • Thumbnail View
  • Output the Whole Chart
  • Output a Branch
  • Change the Space Between Boxes
  • Use the Make It Fit Option
  • Batch Printing