W7L1: Microsoft Windows 7 - Level 1/ Intro

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Duration: 1 Day

Course Description

You will log on to Windows 7, explore its interface, identify the different components in the interface, customize the Windows 7 desktop, manage files and folders, use the common tools and programs available in Windows 7, and browse the Internet.


This course is intended for new computer users who want to use the basic tools and features of Windows 7. No particular prerequisite skills are required, but any previous exposure to personal computers and the Internet is helpful.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Log on to Windows 7, explore its interface, and identify the different components present in the interface.
  • Customize the Windows 7 desktop.
  • Manage files and folders.
  • Use the common tools and programs available in Windows 7.
  • Browse the Internet.


This course is designed for any worker, business professional, or private individual who needs knowledge in operating systems and file management skills.

Course Content

The Basics of Windows 7

  • What’s New in Windows 7?
  • Windows 7 Versions
  • Logging In
  • The Windows 7 Desktop

Interacting with the Computer

  • Pointing the Mouse
  • Using Click and Double-Click
  • Using Click and Drag
  • Using Right-Click
  • Using the Keyboard

A Quick Look at Windows 7

  • Using the Getting Started Center
  • Using the Desktop
  • Using the Start Menu
  • Using the Taskbar
  • Using the System Tray

Exiting Windows 7

  • Shutdown Options
  • Logging Off the Computer
  • Restarting the Computer
  • Turning off the Computer

Working with Windows 7

Application Basics

  • Starting a Program
  • Parts of the Application Window
  • Moving Around in a Program
  • Launching Help from Within an Application
  • Ending a Frozen Program
  • Exiting a Program

Working with a Window

  • Using Minimize, Maximize, and Restore
  • Scrolling in a Window
  • Moving a Window
  • Switching Between Windows
  • Sizing Windows
  • Window Management
  • Windows Aero Desktop

Working with Files and Folders

  • Understanding Files
  • Understanding Folders
  • Understanding Libraries
  • Opening the Computer Folder
  • Overview of the Computer Folder
  • Navigating through Your Computer

Basics of Menus and the Ribbon

  • Basics of Menus
  • Basics of Ribbons
  • Using Shortcut Menus
  • Using Shortcut Keys
  • Using Shortcut Keys and Menus Together

The Basic Windows 7 Applications

WordPad Basics

  • Launching WordPad
  • Interface Overview
  • Entering Text
  • Closing WordPad

Doing More with WordPad

  • Editing Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Saving your File
  • Opening a File

The Windows Calculator

  • Launching Calculator
  • Interface Overview
  • Using the Calculator
  • Advanced Calculator Tools
  • Closing Calculator


  • Launching Paint
  • Interface Overview
  • Drawing in Paint
  • Closing Paint

Other Windows 7 Ultimate Programs

  • Notepad
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Center
  • Snipping Tool
  • Sticky Notes

Doing More with Windows 7

Staying Safe

  • Opening the Action Center
  • Action Center Overview
  • Security Essentials
  • Modifying Basic Security Settings

The Basics of Internet Explorer 8

  • Launching Internet Explorer 8
  • Initial Setup
  • Other Setup Options
  • Interface Overview
  • Closing Internet Explorer

Doing More with Internet Explorer 8

  • Using the Address Bar
  • Accessing a Web Site via a Hyperlink
  • Opening a New Window
  • Opening a New Tab
  • Using Tabs
  • Using Web Slices

Windows Live

  • What is Windows Live?
  • Downloading and Installing Windows Live Essentials
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Using Windows Live Hotmail

Getting Help in Windows 7

The Basics of Help

  • Launching Help from the Start Menu
  • Launching Help from within a Windows Application
  • Overview of the Help and Support Window
  • Searching for a Help Topic
  • Ask Someone

Using Windows Basics

  • Choosing a Preset Topic
  • Choosing Subtopics
  • Moving Back and Forward
  • Printing a Topic

Using the Table of Contents

  • Opening the Table of Contents
  • Choosing a Topic
  • Choosing a Subtopic
  • Moving Back and Forward
  • Printing a Topic

Advanced Help and Support Tools

  • Remote Assistance
  • Setting Help Options
  • Online vs. Offline Help