JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript and Jquery Introduction

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About this Course

In this 2 day class, students will learn to use or create JavaScript variables, arithmetic and logical operators, built-in and custom functions, and conditional statements and loops, as well as how to use JavaScript to control appearance and functionality of web images.



This course is designed for a savvy computer user who is comfortable using the Internet and is familiar with HTML.




Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with JavaScript

What JavaScript can and cannot do; Where JavaScript comes from; Handling events; Values and variables; Assignments and comparisons


Lesson 2: Start Me Up

Where to put scripts; Commenting scripts; Alerting the user; Confirming a user’s choice; Prompting the user; Redirecting the user; Browser detection


Lesson 3: Language Essentials

Detecting browser plug-ins; Writing with loops; Functions; Using multi-level conditionals; Handling errors; Status bar messages


Lesson 4: Image Basics

Creating rollovers; Working with multiple rollovers; Using functions to code multiple rollovers; Triggering rollovers from a link


Lesson 5: More Fun with Images

Creating cycling banners; Adding links to cycling banners; Building slideshows; Displaying a random image


Lesson 6: Working with Browser Windows

Opening and controlling a new window; Loading different content into a window; Updating one window from another; Closing a window


Lesson 7: Form Handling

Verifying password; Select and Go Navigation; Changing menus dynamically; Working with radio buttons; Setting one field with another; Validating zip codes and email addresses