SQL server training's finer points shift

19 May 2015

Microsoft's SQL server is not exactly constantly in a state of flux, but the firm does make major changes to this service on a fairly regular basis, meaning that IT professionals responsible for managing and optimizing the tool will need to keep employees aware. Although the average employee will not be able to go back to school for a wealth of coursework once on staff, this is not necessary given the available of SQL server training options that can be completed in a comfortable, relaxed fashion. 

IT is in indeed in a state of constant change, and keeping employees in the know about major changes to software, infrastructure, platforms and services will need to be a priority among business leaders for years to come. Because of how many different components of IT rely upon SQL server to function, this particular area should be high on the priority list going forward, with managers ensuring that their staff understand any and all changes made in real time. 

New changes revealed
IT Business Edge recently reported that Microsoft officials have unveiled some of the new capabilities and adjustments involved in its forthcoming SQL Server 2016, affirming that it will be faster and more integrated than ever before. According to the news provider, Microsoft stated that SQL Server 2016 will actually be capable of running applications – most notably those used for analytics and payment processing – about 100 times faster than the 2014 iteration of the equipment. 

To that end, the source noted that the firm did indeed focus its efforts on improving the SQL server's ability to support enhanced integration efforts between various applications in the enterprise framework. For some other finer points, IT Business Edge cited comments from Microsoft regarding the support of "JavaScript Object Notation and open source R programming language" in the impending release. 

Preparing for launch
Whenever a major release of a new foundational piece of IT is made, companies ought to be preparing ahead of the deployment to ensure that they hit the ground running and do not experience disruptions or delays that could cost time and money. With the right SQL server training and plenty of foresight in management, these new adjustments and innovations will be far more productive and advantageous than disruptive and risky. 

Training is one of the best investments a business can make in the modern era. 

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