6 benefits that come with using Microsoft Sharepoint

20 February 2015

Microsoft Sharepoint has become a productive tool for the office space of any industry. There are a variety of benefits the software offers. Enterprises that have yet to look into the solution or considered training employees with Microsoft certification courses have the opportunity to do research to see if it's a good fit. 

Here are some advantages Microsoft Sharepoint can provide for any business: 

1. Document management 
Paperless processes have become prominent in the corporate world, and Sharepoint is encouraging electronic document management. It offers the chance to streamline processes and employees can work remotely or offline with Sharepoint. Microsoft is continually improving its document management capabilities as well, with Business Computing World reporting the company launching a new drag-and-drop system in SkyDrivePro. 

2. Customization
Phoenix TS reported that teams are capable of using a variety of tool sets in Sharepoint to improve productivity. This includes the ability to develop custom applications. Administrators can also customize Sharepoint by branding itself with organization logos. 

3. Collaboration 
Any employee can stay connected and knowledgeable about office updates through Sharepoint's accessible system. This advantage ensures better decision-making. Additionally, the solution has a variety of security. According to Business Computing World, Sharepoint has secure management by establishing permissions to one user or group, and any access to the site is capable of being traced. 

4. Business intelligence 
Business Computing World highlighted how various programs within Microsoft Sharepoint have been integrated with business intelligence in mind. In-memory capabilities can retrieve client and user data from multiple sources to create statistics and spread sheets in a short amount of time. This allows employees to have a better concept of their clientele and how to work with them, which can improve business and customer relationships. 

5. Consolidation
With Sharepoint, employees can use one platform instead of having multiple resources to use to accomplish tasks. According to Phoenix TS, Sharepoint consolidates intranet, extranet and Internet sites. This can save costs for the company and further streamline work processes within businesses. 

6. Search and organization 
In a traditional office, filing cabinets were a source of organization. But this has proved to be inefficient. The document management system Sharepoint also comes with a complex search system that is designed to discover information fast. Document previews and search refiners are tools that make organization and finding data easier for staff. 

Businesses should do research to find whether or not these benefits will apply well to themselves. Sharepoint 2013 training is available and may save money in the long run when applied efficiently. 

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