Take SharePoint training to the next level

30 December 2014

Microsoft Sharepoint has been among the most popular collaboration tools in use among organizations in all industries and of all sizes throughout the past several years, while the breadth of businesses leveraging this solution is only continuing to expand. As such, SharePoint training has become a more significant requirement and need of organizations in a short period of time, while those firms that have reacted the most fluidly to this demand are likely deriving more value out of the solution. 

Regardless of which technology might be discussed, nothing beats intelligence and proper use when it comes to implementation, management and long-term returns on investment in the IT realm. Simple, affordable SharePoint classes and more robust training frameworks can significantly impact the company's bottom line, especially when it is more reliant upon the popular platform than others. 

Oversight is key
When speaking about any type of IT investment, leaders must remember that the performance of that deployment will be entirely reliant upon people, processes and technology. In this conversation, SharePoint will act as the technology, while IT employees will be the people and policies in place represent processes, all three of which must be focused upon to ensure the highest possible returns on the relevant investment. 

CMS Wire recently explained some of the ways in which companies can go about building tighter, more effective governance protocols to manage complex SharePoint environments which involve two systems, such as cloud and legacy. At this stage, business leaders should be asking themselves whether their IT staff understands how to achieve optimal management and governance over the technology. 

According to the news provider, decision-makers should possess acumen in their own companies' inner-workings and requirements, building a policy out that covers regulatory matters, creates synergy within the hybrid SharePoint environment and ensures control by the IT department. 

Where training comes in
SharePoint is a constantly evolving solution, while the ways in which companies use the tools therein are also transforming at a relatively rapid speed. As such, one round of SharePoint training is not likely going to sustain optimal performances among those tasked with managing the technology, and continuous education might be a better move for firms of all sizes and in any industry. 

With classes that keep point players abreast of all the goings-on in the SharePoint arena, developers and others will likely be able to derive more value from Microsoft's platform. 

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