Microsoft makes cloud migration a whole lot easier

18 September 2014

Whether a company wants to move its databases, applications, virtual machines or other IT assets to Microsoft Azure, the Redmond, Washington-based company aims to simplify the process.

Many professionals have enrolled in Microsoft training courses for the express purpose of knowing how to migrate their systems to Azure as quickly and efficiently as possible. While certification in Azure's architecture is an incredibly valuable skill to have, Microsoft recently unveiled a new solution that takes a lot of the stress out of transitioning to the cloud. 

A seamless experience 
According to ZDNet contributor Ken Hess, it all started with Microsoft's acquisition of InMage, a company that developed the foundations of the former enterprise's Migration Accelerator for Azure. Hess noted the program allows for the seamless transportation of Hyper-V workloads, Amazon Web Service assets, VMware and physical implementations into Azure at no cost to users. 

What differentiates MA from other cloud migration solutions? Hess noted Microsoft's provision possesses the following features:

  • Automation: Administrators can easily find their organization's entire workloads, regardless of which programs those tasks are operating under. It only takes a few minutes for a user to orchestrate end-to-end transactions and test assignments in the cloud without affecting on-premise versions. 
  • Flexibility: Multi-tier software can be migrated without producing inconsistencies at the application level. This allows multi-tier programs to operate in Azure in the same manner they did in original architectures. 
  • Replication: Operating systems, and the data hosted within software deployments are consistently replicated. All duplications occur in-memory, reducing the cutover time significantly and therefore reducing impact to production workloads. 

Migration: Successful 
Azure isn't' just a platform for those in need of an environment to put their data, either. Developers are viewing the environment as a viable platform upon which to build applications, games and other software. 

Talkin' Cloud contributor Chris Talbot noted the education gaming developer JumpStart recently moved its entire infrastructure from on-premise and Rackspace to Microsoft Azure. The adoption of the latter solution means popular games such as NFL Rush GameDay Heroes will be available for download in the Microsoft Store in the near future. 

"As a company, it is crucial we continue to adapt to our growing user base," said JumpStart CEO David Lord, as quoted by the source. "Microsoft Azure is absolutely the right platform for us – it provides us (sic) the scalability and flexibility we need to help our games run smoothly for our users." 

Between Azure's improving reputation and its easy-to-use migration function, Microsoft is positioned to grow at a pace that may rival even AWS. 

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