Microsoft Azure's popularity continues to grow

25 August 2014

Whether a small business looking to save money on data storage or a partner developing an enterprise-class cloud security solution, organizations are paying more attention to Microsoft Azure.

Growing popularity 
The public cloud offering has spawned newfound interest in Microsoft certification courses detailing how to program defensive architectures, mobile applications and SQL Server databases in the environment. Although the solution is just over four years old, creating relational or more complex servers in Azure has become more plausible for a number of users. 

When individuals think of the public cloud, Amazon Web Services often comes to mind, which isn't surprising seeing how it's the most popular Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform in the world. However, InfoWorld asserted that Azure is close on it's heals, citing the following statistics:

  • In Microsoft's last earnings report, the corporation's cloud revenue rose 147 percent year-over-year
  • More than half (57 percent) of Fortune 500 companies currently use Azure
  • An astounding 300,000 active websites leverage the environment
  • Azure holds about 30 trillion storage objects and receives 3 million requests per second
  • Azure hosts more than 1 million SQL databases, a factor SQL training enrollees have benefited from

The importance of networking 
Providing software engineers, coders and entrepreneurs with a stable platform on which they can create the next big technology solutions is a positive strategy for those heading Azure to employ. In addition, more companies are discovering the benefits of partnering with Microsoft to deploy Azure in creative ways, noted TechTarget. 

Alex Brown, CEO of Chicago-based 10th Magnitude, said the company focuses solely on providing Azure environments to companies, specializing in private, hybrid and public provisions, as well as mobile and application technologies. He also acknowledged the diversity of customers 10th Magnitude brings services to. 

"When we started, our client base was heavily slated to small and medium businesses," said Alex Brown, as quoted TechTarget. "Within 18 to 24 months, adoption by larger organizations was increasing and we saw the client mix change, and now we have a healthy mix of large enterprise, mid-market and small and medium business."

Another Microsoft partner, New Signature, specifically offers on-premise, hybrid and public cloud deployments with the Azure architecture. CEO Christopher Herz informed TechTarget that his organization learned how to optimize its data centers in order to better accommodate its customers. He maintained that Azure allowed New Signature to reduce its complexity and the time needed to manage infrastructure. 

The benefits cited above are reasons enough for considering training staff in Azure. If the cloud environment is the appropriate choice, personnel should be educated in it. 

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