Does SQL Server belong in the cloud?

5 August 2014

As many database networks are becoming more cloud-friendly, professionals thinking of enrolling in Microsoft training have wondered whether running SQL Server on Azure is a feasible approach. 

Why it makes sense 
Although SQL Sever 2012 is compatible with cloud technology, its successor has been received as a valuable asset for companies working with hybrid deployments. Microsoft staff members have noted that SQL Server 2014's predecessor is just as well equipped to handle an on-premise/cloud environment.

SQL Magazine referenced the Microsoft SQL Server Team's outline as to why they believe the database management solution is perfect for hybrid cloud platforms:

  • Essential updates for the software can be automatically installed
  • There are more virtual machine sizes to select from
  • VMs can utilize more memory to better handle query workloads 
  • SQL Server in-memory and VMs can be expanded with online transaction processing
  • Users can leverage more virtual central processing units in tandem with one another to increase the capabilities of administrators working in unison, boosting transactional performance
  • The productivity and efficiency of business intelligence solutions can be enhanced by offloading BI reporting to the most convenient Azure secondary
  • Using the Azure data center enables enterprises with extensive server requirements to reduce IT expenses
  • Database backups and disaster recovery initiatives can be deployed more often, ensuring that applications, files and raw information aren't lost in the event of a storm
  • Recovery time is optimized considerably

In regard to these benefits, SQL training courses offer professionals the opportunity to optimize database administration performance by operating SQL Server through Azure. In select classes, enrollees will learn how to boost data analytics performance by exercising the capabilities of vCPUs. For many enterprises, this skill is essential – especially for those running predictive tools to drive personalized marketing campaigns.

Providing new updates 
By the end of July, Microsoft is set to release SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2. According to Redmond Magazine, it's a commercial-ready solution offered in 32-bit, 64-bit, Management Studio and Express versions. 

In addition to SP2, Microsoft released SQL Server 2012 SP2 Report Builder, which provides support for report publishing and data visualization tools. The latter component of the software is sure to be a boon for companies that struggle with combing through their unstructured data. The following improvements were also installed:

  • Patches were applied to AlwaysOn, SQL Server's disaster recovery solution
  • A deadlock problem was resolved in Integration Services
  • The relational and storage engineers received general performance improvements.

The enhancements, while applicable to those running SQL Server via on-premise databases, work best when deployed through Azure or other cloud platforms. 

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