Microsoft Dynamics gets a new solution

29 July 2014

A wide array of solutions reside under the Microsoft Dynamics umbrella, from enterprise resource planning systems to customer relationship management. The complex, yet useable, software deployments are primarily employed by nationwide retailers looking to enhance the consumer experience. 

According to CMS Wire, the software developing giant is expected to release Microsoft Dynamics Marketing as part of a 35-country launch. So far, business professionals given exclusive access to the system have lauded its operability, convincing many to invest in the latest Microsoft training programs. Jamie Fiorda, director of Worldwide Product Marketing at Microsoft, claimed that the anticipated solution will spark the imaginations of CMOs across the globe. 

"Every marketer is trying to prove his value and prove his investments are making an impact," Fiorda told the news source. "What we can do with Microsoft Excel through Power BI is truly beautiful, amazing and simple."

The statement alludes to a solution that uses data analytics to dissect and scrutinize information derived from Excel documents, but Fiorda claims that the program takes this capability a step further. She informed the news source that intelligence held on a spreadsheet can be correlated with various data sources, making it easy to draw conclusions.

Microsoft will offer the service for $125 per user on a monthly basis. Organizations currently working with Dynamics CRM can add the marketing capabilities and pay $200 in the same method as the individual offer. Due to the affordability, large-scale enterprises may want to consider enrolling their employees in Microsoft certification courses. 

Residual effects 
In a separate CMS Wire article, contributor Matt Mullen claimed that the Marketing deployment may solidify Microsoft's presence in the advertising and consumer outreach industries. Some of the features showcased at last month's Convergence conference appeared quite attractive, including brand automation capabilities that allow businesses to streamline email and social media campaigns.

Currently, Oracle and dominate the marketing cloud market, but Microsoft's introduction could cause some significant disruptions to the industry. CEO Satya Nadella and his subordinates are aware of the pricing offered by the corporation's competitors, which has most likely motivated Microsoft to offer Dynamics Marketing as a stand-alone deployment. Another threat posed by Microsoft is its bundling with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

The release coincides well with Microsoft's profit margins. Mullen stated that the company has witnessed 80 percent year-over-year growth as a result of increased Dynamics online subscriptions. The popularity of the corporation's software solutions are sure to instigate enrollment in Microsoft training, as many marketing professionals will seek to gain an education in the new deployment. 

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