Microsoft mobile tools can help IT leaders accomplish goals

28 July 2014

The business world is constantly evolving, and IT managers are facing unprecedented challenges as a result. The advent of telework solutions and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are forcing organizations to become more agile in the tech field.

A booming mobile environment and a need to bring complex desktop systems to smartphones and tablets is changing the way IT departments operate. As a result, Microsoft training for useful mobile tools will likely increase. 

Mobile tools and integration wanted 
More IT executives are starting to prioritize expansion into mobile and easy to integrate mediums than ever before. A recent survey from American Express and CFO Research found that enterprise IT leaders want to provide employees with more sophisticated mobile tools. 

During the next year, 76 percent of respondents agree that their firms will need to make better use of mobile channels. The top three goals that organizational tech leaders want to complete in 2014 include providing workers with better data retrieval options, increasing information sharing capabilities and leveraging real-time data access. 

"CFOs continue to seek out technology which allows them to improve business performance and increase employee productivity," said Jay Cary, Vice President, Digital, Global Corporate Payments at American Express. "Mobile in particular is leading the way – both because of CFOs' familiarity with the technology and for the real-time benefits it offers employees."

Mobile technology is one of the most significant drivers of corporate development. With the right on-the-go features, businesses can leverage remote office setups and connect with clients and colleagues more efficiently. However, some tools are more useful than others. 

SharePoint and Windows 8.1 solutions
Network World recently reported that Microsoft has taken aggressive steps to overhaul its mobile operating system, Windows 8.1. In particular, the source noted that Microsoft has made changes to the software that make it easier for Surface tablet and touch users to interact with their mobile interfaces. Increased speed, additional keyboard manipulations and easier access to applications are just a few of the improvements Microsoft has made with Windows 8.1 

The reason Microsoft's mobile OS is a great enterprise tool is because it is easy to integrate with the company's other corporate-tailored products such as SharePoint. One of the most used collaborative business software products in the world, SharePoint 2013 is compatible with Windows 8.1. SharePoint training for tech employees could be a wise investment for IT leaders, as 44 percent of respondents to the American Express and CFO Research survey said integrating IT systems will be a major focus in 2014. 

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