Microsoft to bring updates to Power BI

21 July 2014

Microsoft training courses will soon have more classes concerning data analytics. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's "cloud first, mobile first" approach has permeated throughout different facets of the Redmond, Washington-based corporation. 

One of the primary reasons why employees learn to use Azure is so that they can more effectively host analysis software. However, some of enterprises find intricate data scrutiny programs befuddling, which prompted Microsoft to create an Office 365 application easy for the average employee to use.

Rolling out improvements 
Power BI is a simple but effective business intelligence tool that allows organizations make the most out of their in-memory data and Excel reports. Redmond Channel Partner noted that Microsoft plans on unveiling a few improvements over the next year, such as:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services will be a native part of Power BI for Office 365, enabling users of the latter program to directly communicate with on-premise data sets. 
  • Data visualization and exploration will be available, allowing professionals to experiment with analysis representations. 
  • A new key performance indicator editor will be released – a provision that Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Chris Webb suggested could substitute for PerformancePoint

One of the most exciting developments is Microsoft's plans to create a native iOS client application, enabling iPad owners to use the program if they so wish. 

New developments, new classes? 
Microsoft's Power BI revisions are likely to spark fresh interest in Office 365's accompanying analytics program. Having trained professionals who are familiar with the program and know how to use it for all it's worth may be considered a key differentiator. 

Recent Microsoft certification courses have been known to delve into the world of data analysis, but a more hands-on approach is likely to be implemented. Instructing professionals on how to make the most out of Power BI has tremendous value, enabling companies to respond to market demand and business challenges with incredible agility. 

No joke 
Executives who doubt the usefulness of Power BI often spend an exorbitant amount of money on data analytics programs containing complex features that go unused. Network World cited 10 examples of how enterprises found success with Microsoft's Office 365 add-on. 

Even reputed polytechnic schools are making use of the software. Network World noted that Carnegie Mellon University used Power BI to figure out how its facilities could become more energy efficient. The program was customized to track power usage by time, category, facility and other factors. 

At the end of the endeavor, CMU was able to reduce energy consumption by 30 percent. 

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