Windows Phone changes could make devices more affordable

16 July 2014

Over the past year, Microsoft has made some major moves in the mobile market. From purchasing Nokia to enhancing its Surface tablet series, the tech vendor has prioritized the mobile sector recently. It's a logical move, as the use of cutting-edge mobile devices continues to increase in a number of global markets. 

It appears that Microsoft isn't done developing its mobile vertical, despite the positive steps the manufacturer has taken in recent years. According to Reuters, Microsoft is set to launch a new series of development requirements for its Windows Phone offering to encourage more phone makers to create Windows Phone products. 

The source reported the next significant update for the Windows Phone operating system will allow it to support less expensive chip sets and other physical products. For example, Reuters indicated that Microsoft will ease its requirement that every Windows Phone device include a standard three-button interface. 

With the change, phone developers will now be able to use different types of keys and materials to create the devices, which will likely allow vendors to sell Windows Phone products at more affordable prices. Potentially, the change could make Microsoft's flagship phone more attractive to mobile users, the source asserted. 

"For example, in a bid to reach immigrant workers looking to cheaply call home, Microsoft is including support for dual SIM cards, allowing users to switch phone tariffs to make cheaper local or international calls," the Reuters report noted. 

Cross-device accessibility
Across its various product families, Microsoft has attempted to integrate its various mobile offerings. In the past year, the company has overhauled its SharePoint program to make it compatible with a number of different mobile devices. In fact, Microsoft's Tech Net indicated that SharePoint can be accessed on Apple iOS and Android devices

While SharePoint is also supported on Windows Phone devices, the fact that Microsoft has allowed such universal accessibility to its collaborative software shows how dedicated the company is to improving its status in the mobile market. 

For this reason, companies should consider investing in SharePoint training for their business professionals. This way, organizations will be able to take advantage of a trusted software solution that can be accessed on a wide range of devices. With the bring-your-own-device movement gaining momentum, companies need to have such comprehensive programs in place to allow for cross-device connectivity. 

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