Microsoft announcements keep company on cutting-edge of mobile

14 July 2014

More employees are demanding access to easy-to-use mobile tools than ever before, as the bring-your-own-device movement gains momentum and remote work policies become more popular. Although some organizations are struggling to decide how to embrace the mobile boom, recent developments by Microsoft may be enough to convince IT leaders to partner with the software giant for their mobile initiatives. Potentially, it could lead to a spike in Microsoft training for both IT and business professionals. 

One of the most exciting announcements made recently was Microsoft launch of Project Siena. According to MakeUs​eOf, the program will allow users to easily create their own applications that are compatible with Windows 8.1. The source stated that apps built with Siena will be accessible across a number of devices, including a Windows tablet. 

Now, professionals can make customized applications that can integrate business intelligence data to make for more useful programs. All apps made through Siena are in HTML5 and JavaScript, conveniently making them ready for access on a number of different devices and Internet browsers. 

What's more impressive is that the source noted Microsoft contends that it's extremely simple for users to learn how to operate Siena. In fact, workers will not need to be programming specialists to use the program. 

More importantly, Siena apps can be integrated with Microsoft's other enterprise software products such as the collaborative favorite SharePoint. With the latest version of the software featuring a number of innovative mobile tools, SharePoint 2013 training has been in high demand among IT professionals in the last year. 

More storage for Windows Phone users
It's not surprising, as mobile solutions are becoming more important for today's professionals, and Microsoft continues to push for mobile supremacy. 

For example, NDTV Gadgets reported that Microsoft is providing Windows Phone owners with an additional 2GB of SkyDrive storage space for free over the next year. The source noted that this space will augment the 7GB of free storage Windows Phone users are already allocated. 

Eligible individuals have until Jan. 31, 2014, to take advantage of the offer, the news outlet indicated. 

It's a positive move by Microsoft that may help them boost sales for the Windows Phone, which has already seen strong sales growth in Europe this year. Although still a relatively new product, NDTV Gadgets noted that Windows already has 12 percent of the smartphone market share in Britain and more than 10 percent of the French sector. 

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