Microsoft takes steps to further integrate SharePoint, Yammer

7 July 2014

When Microsoft bought social media platform, Yammer, many industry experts speculated what the software giant would do with the program. It seemed a curious move to some at the time who openly wondered whether Microsoft needed such a software product in its arsenal. 

However, recent developments show that the company has a clearly defined plan for Yammer and it appears to be focused on enhancing other Microsoft programs. Already somewhat integrated with SharePoint, ZDNet reported that Microsoft recently announced more plans to bring the two software offerings together. 

At an event in San Francisco on October 15, Microsoft officials outlined plans that will see a number of Yammer improvements. The source indicated that Microsoft is in the process of redesigning Yammer's iPad application, which should allow users to scan through multiple messages in less time. Also, there will be adjustments made to the apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 that will see a number of new features come to both programs. 

In regards to SharePoint, the most significant announcement made by Microsoft was that Yammer conversations can now be started via SharePoint Online. This should boost enterprise social networking use through Yammer, as it will give professionals users more access and flexibility to both software solutions. As a result, there could be a spike in Microsoft training for these enterprise-grade products, among both business professionals and IT staff members. 

Integration is the focus
Further proving that Microsoft is dedicated to creating an inclusive software service that is interconnected, ZDNet noted that Office 365 searches may be directly sent to a Yammer feed. Additionally, Yammer users can now interact with the program through email channels. 

According to IDG, Microsoft bought Yammer in 2012 for $1.2 with the distinct purpose of enhancing SharePoint access. With the new application updates, increased access to the program through various channels and the already existing integrated services between products, Microsoft has made a truly intuitive and useful enterprise product by bringing SharePoint and Yammer together. 

In the future, it's likely that even more enhancements to program connectivity will be announced by Microsoft. For this reason, it's important for IT workers and professionals using SharePoint to participate in SharePoint training. By doing so, users of the software will be able to take any changes and updates to the platform in stride, making it easier for them to access services sure to be included in SharePoint in the coming years. 

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