Lync requires Microsoft training, monitoring tools for successful use

26 March 2014

IT professionals tasked with managing Microsoft Lync platforms need to be ready to invest in the right Microsoft certification course for the program because it's an incredibly complex product. The video conferencing and instant messaging platform is one the most popular unified communications (UC) suites on the market today. Although it is incredibly useful for enterprises, few benefits will come with Lync deployment if IT employees do not have the proper training. 

In fact, the program is so vast and dynamic that TechTarget indicated even the best IT professionals still need to use top monitoring tools to manage the software. Because the system functions with real-time data and access demands, it's necessary for IT workers to stay on top of every process at all times. With any UC service, it's important for tech employees to have a high level of visibility into network traffic.

VoIP calls, instant messaging and video conferencing events can can occur at any moment, which can place a heavy strain on servers and network architecture. Therefore, it's necessary for all IT staff members to keep tabs on operations during peak business hours to determine if a network is built to support UC. By analyzing usage trends, professionals will be able to determine if they need to scale up their networks. 

However, this is challenging without quality Microsoft training for Lync as well as for network management. Both of these skills are in demand among IT hiring managers, due to the increase in mobile usage. More business employees are demanding access to collaborative tools that can be accessed on any device by multiple workers. As a result, the performance of the network and the use of UC programs such as Lync have become integral to corporate development. 

Virgin using Lync to attract business
Virgin Media Business has realized how quality of an enterprise solution Lync is, as well as the fact that the platform is in demand. As a result, the company recently announced that it is offering Lync service to its fibre-optic broadband clients

TechRadar reported that many industry experts indicated that it's a smart move by the company due to growing popularity of UC. 

"The move by Virgin Media Business to offer a hosted Microsoft Lync solution reflects the growing demand from enterprises in the United Kingdom for unified communications delivered as a managed service," Peter Hall of Ovum told TechRadar. 

IT professionals should follow Virgin's lead and take the necessary steps to take advantage of the boom in the UC market. For many industry workers, simply investing in a Microsoft training course for Lync is a good first step.

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