SharePoint updates, patches from Microsoft strengthen software

7 March 2014

IT professionals may need to invest in more SharePoint training because Microsoft recently released a number of new updates and security upgrades that affect the software. 

According to Fierce Content Management, Microsoft announced several changes to SharePoint Online that will make it easier for large companies to use the collaborative tool. Now, users will be able to upload more data at a given time, as Microsoft has increased the upload limit from 250 MB to 2 GB. This will enable workers to share and access large files that previously had to be opened with other software. Also, the development should allow users to open additional file formats including .dll documents, which are commonly used by programmers. 

Another change Microsoft made that should make SharePoint Online a better business tool is the expansion of SkyDrive Pro storage capabilities. The source reported that SkyDrive Pro users are now able to store up 25 GB of content with the service. Previously, the platform had a storage limit of 7 GB.

Other SharePoint Online expansions include the support of additional site collections and a spike in data lookup thresholds.

Microsoft also revamped the software's Recycle Bin, allowing files to be stored in the trash for 90 days before it is automatically deleted. Prior to the update, files were disposed by the program after just 30 days. In addition, system administrators will now be able to restore any files in the Recycle Bin before permanent deletion occurs.

Improved security 
Threatpost also noted that Microsoft recently released a patch that addresses several security vulnerabilities for a number of older SharePoint products including SharePoint 2007 and the more recent SharePoint Foundation 2010. 

The patch fixes 10 separate security issues for the various SharePoint versions and was marked as critical by Microsoft, the source indicated.

Many of the changes involve security concerns related to systems that are configured without authentication processes. Although the source noted that this is standard at many companies, it can be dangerous. Therefore, it's wise for IT professionals to ensure that all online SharePoint installations include authentication features. In order to learn how to create such functions, tech workers can take online SharePoint classes that highlight the finer points of SharePoint management. 

With such important security deficiencies being addressed with the patch, CIOs and IT managers should make sure they install the latest Microsoft update as soon as possible.  

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