How Microsoft Lync is transforming modern businesses for the better

10 February 2014

Organizations in a number of global industries are finding that they need to leverage technology solutions that make them more agile and able to collaborate with clients and colleagues on a moment's notice. Now that modern tech tools are easily accessible for even small businesses, enterprises are finding that the right technology is necessary to compete on a global scale. 

One tech field that has been booming as a result of this globalized trend is the unified communications (UC) sector. UC solutions are unique in that they create interactive interfaces that bring together instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and other collaborative functions onto a single product.  The use of such tools has proven to be a major productivity booster for businesses.

However, some executives struggle to determine which UC product best fits their needs. Based on data recently released by Frost & Sullivan, Microsoft's Lync software may be the best UC option. 

No Jitter reported that Frost & Sullivan found that 30 percent of North American companies rely on Microsoft to meet their communication and collaboration demands. Although the vendor offers a number of useful tools such as Windows, Exchange and SharePoint, the source noted that Lync has proven to be an incredibly beneficial for modern companies. 

In fact, the source stated that experts believe Lync is the leading instant messaging engine currently on the market. Also, the Frost & Sullivan research indicated that Microsoft is in the top 10 for PBX telephony license shipments and license revenues. This is due to the fact that the software giant has quality VoIP features included in its Lync suite. 

Microsoft training for Lync management and configurations are sure to be in demand as enterprises start to realize how useful the solution can be. Not only does it provide productivity benefits, it can help business save money as well. 

Cost-effective platform
A recent article in BizTech Magazine highlighted the monetary benefits of deploying Lync at an organization. The source cited the example of Mattersight, a Chicago-based analytics firm that recently overhauled its UC platform. 

Jeff Geltz, Mattersight's CIO, told the source that his firm explored alternative UC options, as the company's lease on legacy UC equipment was coming to an end. They decided to leverage a comprehensive Lync configuration at its large-scale operation that has locations in Chicago, Texas, Minnesota and beyond. 

Because the product allowed them to reduce spending on licenses, as well as run Lync via more affordable servers than their older UC system, the firm was able to save a significant amount of money. BizTech reported that launching a Lync platform cost just one-third of the price of that would have been required to replace the older systems. 

"The capabilities of Lync far exceeded anything that was out there on the market, especially for the price," Geltz told the source. 

Not only did adopting Lync turn out to be an economically sound decision for Mattersight, it proved to be a boon to productivity. Officials with the company stated that Lync enabled them to collaborate more effectively with coworkers across the country. What was more surprising to the firm was that Lync allowed them to leverage corporate networks, even from remote work locations. 

Similar solutions can revolutionize an enterprise, as these tools give employees the ability to stay connected to the office, regardless of their physical location. In the modern corporate world where telework and mobile services are becoming more common, Lync is proving to be a terrific tool. 

For this reason, IT professionals should invest in Microsoft certification courses for Lync. By doing so, they will be able to manage one of the most widely used UC solutions at North American enterprises. 

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