Windows Server 2012 R2 will have new cloud, virtualization features

10 February 2014

Microsoft plans to release an update to Windows Server 2012 sometime this year. A number of new features may force IT professionals to undergo additional Microsoft training, but the benefits of Windows Server 2012 R2 make it a worthy investment to make. 

According to ZDNet, the new version of the cloud operating system program is hardly a standard update. Instead, it will include a number of new features and tools that should make it easier for businesses to integrate Microsoft software with cloud and virtual servers. 

Desired State Configuration
The source noted that Windows Server 2012 can still use Server Manager and its tools to help manage services. However, many IT professionals will find that monitoring performance with PowerShell will be much more advantageous for complex processing because it includes a new feature: Desired State Configuration (DSC). This tool will prevent configurations from drifting and changing over long periods of time, which should be beneficial for auto managed platform deployments. This will allow database administrators to rest easy, as they will know that a desired configuration remains throughout the life cycle of a server or database setup. 

Improved virtualization
Microsoft's main goal with the update is to make cloud and virtualized service more compatible with Windows Server. ZDNet reported that a new feature – Hyper-V – will make running a virtual machine much more viable once the update is released. 

One of the most glaring improvements that Hyper-V provides is that it will allow Windows Server to support 64TB of disk data that can be resized at any moment. Another useful inclusion is Hyper-V Replica , which should provide enhanced security and data loss prevention. This feature will make it much easier for an IT worker to configure a disaster recovery site that will remain updated and intact. Also, the new service will automatically distribute data loads to disaster sites if a particular server goes down. 

TechTarget also reported that Hyper-V will enable users to export and clone a virtual machine while it is operating. Additionally, Microsoft's trusted cloud collaboration tool Azure will now be able to run on site virtual servers and desktops. 

By taking Microsoft certification courses that are focused on cloud and virtual services, IT workers can make sure they are ready for the launch of Windows Server 2012 R2. Online classes offer a realistic learning medium for IT professionals looking to obtain certification. 

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