Why Microsoft Lync is a cost-effective cloud solution

19 December 2013

Businesses that have adopted Microsoft Lync know that it is an incredibly flexible product great for implementing unified communications (UC) platforms. Savvy industry professionals have noted this trend, and many have opted to invest in Microsoft training for Lync because they believe the market for the UC product will only increase. 

According to experts in the industry, these early adopters of Lync education are right to enroll in such courses. Data recently released by TechNavio indicated that the UC market will see notable growth in the coming years. The source reported that from 2012 to 2016, the global UC sector will spike at a compound annual growth rate of 15.85 percent

More importantly, TechNavio noted that the increased adoption of these technologies will result from a shift from on-site solutions to cloud UC systems. This bodes well for Microsoft, as Lync is one of the most common cloud-enabled UC solutions currently on the market.

In fact, IT Wire reported that experts from Frost & Sullivan believe Lync adoption will increase in the future. The source suggested that more enterprise IT leaders are starting to opt for the cloud and hosted services because it's becoming much more cost-effective to implement these platforms than it is to create on-site infrastructures. By outsourcing storage and cloud services, companies can reduce spending on hardware that's associated with operating UC. 

VoIP enhancement
In particular, IT Wire noted that Lync is proving to be an incredibly disruptive technology within the UC sector. One of the main reasons for this development is because it's providing companies with significant cost savings. Also, Frost & Sullivan officials believe the technology is improving its PBX and VoIP capabilities, allowing businesses to diversify Lync usage. 

"Among the disruptive factors discussed, Microsoft's Lync platform is the closest to becoming mainstream and reaching widespread adoption," Audrey William of Frost & Sullivan told IT Wire. "One of the important factors that has driven greater interest in Lync is its improved ability to serve as a PBX."

This makes Lync a great product for modern businesses, as telephony systems are still one of the most preferred channels for communications in the corporate world. For this reason, investing in Microsoft training courses for cloud proficiency and Lync configuration can be beneficial for IT professionals. Potentially, the presence of such certifications on a resume could make an applicant more attractive to IT managers who are considering Lync implementation. 

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