Microsoft sales growth shows innovative steps working

4 November 2013

During the last several years, Microsoft has been taking steps to align its software products to provide for a more integrated, cross-software experience for consumers as well as enterprise users. From including social media service Yammer on recent SharePoint releases, to using it's Azure program to place SQL Server instances in the cloud, Microsoft has been trying to make its services more agile. For many IT professionals, it has increased the need for Microsoft training courses. 

Even given the positive approach, some industry skeptics wondered if the moves would be beneficial for the company. In the wake of Microsoft's most recent earnings report, few experts can argue that consumers and businesses have not embraced the new Microsoft paradigm. 

CNN reported Microsoft's net income during the first quarter of the fiscal year spiked 17 percent from the same period a year ago. Also, revenues jumped 16 percent during that time. 

The source noted Microsoft CFO Amy Hood told analysts and reporters that she believes the innovative model has been a major factor in the recent success. In fact, she asserted that customers appear to be very satisfied with the new dynamic and dedication to innovative services. 

Although much has been made about some issues that Windows 8 experienced during its initial rollout, the steps taken by Microsoft to overhaul the operating system appear to have worked. The company reported that Windows sales increased 7 percent in the first quarter. More impressive is the fact that the tech giant's corporate software sector saw sales grow 10 percent. 

Mobile market presence growing 
Despite the positive integration Microsoft has spearheaded in the last year, the company is continuing to make its software more accessible across a large range of products. 

Engadget recently reported that Microsoft is planning to launch a Remote Desktop app that will be compatible with a number of mobile devices, including those operating on iOS and Android platforms. The source noted that this is the first time the popular app has been modified for access on non-Windows phones.

With so many software products such as Lync and SharePoint already boasting high levels of mobility, the release of Remote Desktop for Apple and Google products will open Microsoft up to a new market of enterprise clients. Because corporate adoption rates may spike, IT professionals should consider enrolling in Microsoft certification courses. In particular, SharePoint training could prove beneficial, as many organizations already use the collaborative product.  

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