Microsoft training can help IT professionals make SharePoint sociable

27 August 2013

Additional Microsoft training may be required for professionals and IT staff members at enterprises using the company's latest version of SharePoint. A number of new social features launched in SharePoint 2013 mean that even the most experienced SharePoint users may need more training in order to use the new tools.

One of the most exciting features in the 2013 version is that the software is compatible with Yammer, the social communication platform that Microsoft acquired last year. It's an effective tool particularly when integrated with SharePoint as it allows co-workers to easily exchange ideas within the program, making collaborative efforts a breeze. In recent years, Microsoft has made a conscious effort to make its enterprise-grade products more conducive to collaboration. Including the ability to access Yammer on SharePoint and other business software is just part of the company's overarching aim to simplify communication. 

Strategic approach to integration
However, IT professionals and executives shouldn't simply roll out Yammer with SharePoint and expect great results immediately. CMSWire noted that it's unrealistic to think that all communication issues will be solved by simply integrating SharePoint and Yammer. Rather, like with any software, taking a measured approach to introducing the service is a smart strategy

Educating and directing employees about best practices for Yammer is a good starting point. This way, users will know what sort of challenges they may meet when using the system, allowing them to quickly address issues on their own, preventing downtime and production loss. 

Also, as Information Week stated, businesses may want to consider bundling in order to get the most out of their investment. Microsoft is now offering some rather attractive and cost-effective product bundles that can help businesses create a comprehensive enterprise-grade software model. Bundling Yammer with license agreements can be a cost effective strategy for most companies. 

However, the source warned that it may be necessary for in-house IT workers to take Microsoft certification courses for cloud technology because ensuring a secure, properly running cloud system is important for every company considering SharePoint and Yammer. A lax cybersecurity environment could put employee communications at risk of being accessed by outsiders. This source noted that with this comes a host of legal and human resources concerns. Therefore, it's necessary to make sure that cloud systems are ready to host communication services such as Yammer prior to their implementation. 

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