SharePoint training for social apps help IT professionals realize full benefits

26 August 2013

With each version of SharePoint that has been released, there has been an increased need for Microsoft training, even for the most experienced tech professionals. It may seem like a burden, but that's hardly the case. Rather, many IT workers welcome and value the additional training because it allows them to become knowledgeable about the newest features that each SharePoint release has to offer. For SharePoint 2013, that includes a variety of new social tools that make enterprise collaboration easier than ever. 

CMSWire recently reported that SharePoint has a long history of innovation. In the 2007 version, users were happy to see the inclusion of blogs, wikis and MySites in the business-grade software. New features for the 2010 edition were equally as useful, with social tags, NoteBoards and MicroBlogs changing the way professionals interacted with the platform. SharePoint 2013 has introduced social media capabilities, mobile apps and community sites, further enhancing the service's social connectivity. 

Connect with other platforms
The source indicated that enterprise leaders are starting to embrace social programs, showing that SharePoint can be a viable investment for many businesses, as the software already comes with built-in social tools. Also, many of these features can be easily integrated with a number of Microsoft's other products, including Lync and Exchange. That interoperability is what sets SharePoint apart from other micro blogging and social corporate systems. The source noted that stand-alone micro blog platforms have a penetration rate under 5 percent due to a lack of connectivity with other programs. 

Real-time social media connections are becoming a more common form of enterprise communication. CMSWire found that more than 50 percent of all business have already implemented social activity streams that utilize micro blogging. Also, the source predicted that 20 percent of all companies will see social networks replace email as the primary communication tool as early as 2014.

SharePoint conference announced
IT professionals interested learning more about SharePoint should consider going to next year's SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas that will take place from March 3 to 6, according to Neowin. 

At the event, Microsoft will have product managers and engineers on site to answer questions that IT workers might have about SharePoint. For professionals who won't be able to attend the event, a solid alternative is taking an online SharePoint training program. A number of reputable vendors offer such classes that can help tech experts obtain Microsoft certifications. 

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