Microsoft releases Azure updates to provide support for SQL Server

21 August 2013

Microsoft training for the company's cloud-based technology Azure may be a top priority for IT professionals in the next few months as the software firm recently updated its cloud service to offer support for SQL Server. 

TechCrunch reported that Microsoft implemented a number of new features for Azure, including AlwaysOn support for SQL Server. Also, the source noted that additional AutoScale tools were developed to provide database administrators with more flexibility when configuring servers. 

In particular, the AlwaysOn feature should provide IT professionals with more options when building network infrastructures. The service makes it possible to conduct a number of disaster recovery functions in a high availability environment that is now compatible with Azure. With the development, enterprise use of cloud-based and virtual technologies may increase, as Azure now offers more practical management features. 

Also, the source indicated that Azure will even be able to backup on-site SQL Server machines. The change will make it easier to keep large datacenters up and running in the event of a data breach or hardware malfunction. 

Other useful features included in the Azure update are notification tools that can be used with mobile applications and integration with the Bing news app that will allow IT staffers to send out breaking news notifications via Azure. 

As a result of the new offerings, TechCruch suggested that Microsoft's cloud technology is now a major player in the market on the same level as Amazon and Google platforms. However, the connectivity between Microsoft's business-grade products could be enough to woo CIOs and IT managers to invest in the company's software, Azure included. 

AutoScale benefits
With the proliferation of virtual machines, many enterprise tech employees are tasked with ensuring that physical servers are operating at a high level. Because several virtual databases can be housed on just a single physical server, the infrastructure can be strained when several applications are being used at once. 

With the new Azure AutoScale feature, IT professionals can configure servers to adjust to workloads as needed, Virtualization Review reported. Server capabilities can set to change by time of day or CPU usage, which can help ensure that business operations continue, even if a server workload is high. 

Investing in Azure and SQL training may be necessary for IT workers looking to provide their employers with the best network solutions possible. By taking online courses, employed professionals can participate in classes on their own time, ensuring that they enhance their skill sets while maintaining corporate servers.  

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