SharePoint, Yammer integration a winning combination

20 August 2013

One of the major benefits of Microsoft's enterprise-grade software products is that they are simple to integrate. As businesses start to demand more simplified and streamlined technology solutions, the software giant has answered the call by making their programs more connected than ever before. 

A recent report from research firm Forrester suggested that executives may be able to increase productivity by using SharePoint and Yammer together. The latter, a cloud-based service platform, was purchased by Microsoft for $1.2 billion last year, the source stated. 

Rob Koplowitz of Forrester noted that past versions of SharePoint have lacked social capabilities, something that can be addressed by implementing Yammer into corporate systems. With more employees working from remote locations in the modern business world, investing in cloud technology is a top priority for many executives and IT managers. Such services allow corporate leaders to provide staff members with the ability to connect to corporate networks from the home or while traveling, which has proven to be a major boost to overall levels of production. 

Full integration on the way
However, additional Microsoft training for cloud platforms may be necessary for IT professionals if enterprises want to see the full list of cloud benefits come to their companies. It's a small investment to make but certainly a worthy one. According to CMSWire, Microsoft claims that 85 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use both SharePoint and Yammer, showing just how beneficial the services can be for corporations.

Also, the source noted that Microsoft has outlined a plan that will see all of its business-grade products integrated down the line. It may be a slow process but actions taken by the tech company show that they are serious about making their SharePoint, Yammer, Lync and other services more inter-connected. 

Already, Microsoft has allowed for the Newsfeed app on Office 365 to be replaced with a Yammer app. Also, the Yammer service is now able to be embedded into a number of different SharePoint feeds. Later this year, CMSWire expects Microsoft to launch a single sign-on service for Yammer and Office 365. 

Over the next few years, Microsoft training courses will be in high demand as IT workers attempt to navigate the growing field of integrated services being offered. However, once completed, tech professionals will have the skills they need to configure and manage the programs that some of the world's most powerful enterprises use to conduct business. 

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