Microsoft sets date for Windows 8.1 release

14 August 2013

For several months, Microsoft has been tweaking and improving Windows 8 to make it a more effective tool for supporting the company's other software products such as SharePoint and Exchange. Now, a date has been set for the release of Windows 8.1. 

A blog post from the company stated that the updated operating system will be launched on October 18. It will be available for download for free by current users in the Windows Store. Also, Microsoft reported that 8.1 will be included on newly bought devices on the same date. 

The source indicated that there will be several improvements that will make it easier to use enterprise software, with the enhanced integration with SkyDrive being particularly attractive. With the feature, professionals can share and access data across a number of different programs via the cloud. From SharePoint to Lync, the increased cloud connectivity could lead to a need for additional Microsoft training for cloud platforms among IT professionals. 

Because there are often challenges associated with the implementation of new services at any enterprise, Microsoft will allow business customers to test 8.1 by using Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview. 

New features
One of changes set to come with 8.1 is the inclusion of a Start button. Long a staple in past Windows OSs, customers have called for the Start button and menu to return to the latest Windows product. 

CNET reported that the Start button to be included in 8.1 will allow users to easily return to the Start screen at any time, which will be highly customizable. From using a search tool to including an All Apps screen, there are a number of new possibilities for the Start screen. 

Used for both desktop and tablet PCs, Windows 8.1 has provided many enterprise customers with a service that simplifies app and software use. When transitioning between devices, the user experience is similar, making it easy to operate on an in-office computer or tablet while on a business trip. 

Although the OS is extremely useful, the various features included in the platform may be unfamiliar to many users. However, by taking a Microsoft training course for Windows 8, business clients can become proficient in using the program. Online classes may be the best option for busy professionals because such courses can be accessed at all times from any location with Internet access, providing added convenience.

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