SharePoint evolution brings useful business features

8 August 2013

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft revolutionized the product, including numerous new features that made it easier for business professionals to collaborate and share data with coworkers and clients. Although the new software may require both IT professionals and business workers to participate in Microsoft training in order to become proficient, the system is already used by a large number of major enterprises. 

According to data from CMSWire, 80 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. Also, the source noted that 55 percent of businesses believe that they could have the capability to integrate SharePoint 2013 in 18 months. 

It's proven to be one of the most effective data storage systems, as 85 percent of users noted that they use the software as a content management tool. 

Apart from that traditional usage, SharePoint 2013's novel features have allowed IT professionals to run a number of additional operations with the platform. CMSWire reported that developers can now rely on SharePoint to create custom branding pages and templates. Also, the 2013 version of the collaborative program now makes it possible for tech workers to manage a public website. 

CIO Magazine reported that the latest version of SharePoint also has enhanced business intelligence tools included. The source noted that while SharePoint 2010 was the first release of the software to include data analytics tools, the new program has improved upon those features. Part of this development is increased integration with Excel. 

Training is needed
Because of the many new technologies and services that SharePoint 2013 brings to the enterprise, business leaders should quickly invest in SharePoint training for their employees. The source warned that without the right training being offered from the beginning, the adoption rate among staff members could decline significantly. With so many benefits to SharePoint, it would be unfortunate if the advantages the software offers are underused due to a lack of proper training. 

By partnering with an online IT education service, enterprises can ensure that their workers obtain quality SharePoint 2013 training. These enterprise often offer guaranteed classes that will take place even if only a few students enroll in a session, unlike many traditional classroom courses. Also, this approach is much more convenient for busy employees, as these classes can be accessed at any time, from remote locations that are connected to the Internet. 

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