Windows 8.1 to include easy 3-D print function

1 August 2013

Apart from being able to support a number of Microsoft business tools such as SharePoint and Exchange, Windows 8.1 will include a number of innovative features sure to excite users. Potentially, the elaborate nature of the new, useful applications could increase the need for even the most experienced IT professionals to partake in additional Microsoft certification courses

However, one of the latest, most complex technologies on the market is expected to become rather simplistic once Windows 8.1 is launched. According to WinBeta, Microsoft will offer 3-D printing capabilities for Windows 8.1 users. Although it's a complicated technology, the source reported that it will be easy for any Windows owner to print 3-D documents with the latest version. 

With Windows 8.1, all users will need to do to print a three dimensional figure is select Print in the File dropdown menu, just as if they were printing a regular paper file. 

Besides representing a novel technology that catches the excitement of many, 3-D printing has some very practical applications for businesses. The source indicated that Microsoft pointed out that by placing serial codes and other scanable IDs within 3-D prints, businesses can eliminate the need for purchasing expensive tracking chips and radio-frequency ID (RFID) devices. 

Families can save $2,000 annually
Although it's difficult to put an exact number on the monetary benefit that 3-D printing can provide, TechCrunch reported on a study conducted at the University of Michigan that explored the cost-benefit that the technology could have for households. In their study, researchers found that families could save as much as $2,000 per year by using a 3-D printer. It would allow them to reduce spending on various items, as they could easily be created via a 3-D printer. 

Also, it's important to note that the savings were calculated using a conservative estimate that accounted for just 20 products per year being printed. Potentially, businesses could see a much more significant amount of savings by using 3-D printers. For this reason, IT professionals may want to recommend and promote the use of Windows 8.1 in their workplaces. 

Employees who don't know how to use the operating system can participate in Microsoft training classes for Windows 8.1. Some program providers offer online courses that can be accessed from remote locations, enabling businesses to extend training to employees, even if they are spread across several locations. 

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