New Azure features enhance SQL database configurations

31 July 2013

Microsoft recently announced that it is including a number of new features in its cloud-enabled Azure SQL database product that should increase the need for Microsoft training among IT professionals. 

According to InfoQ, Microsoft Vice President Scott Guthrie stated that Azure will now come with a revamped export system that will provide additional backup services. Also, the cloud solutions will include a Traffic Manager tool that will provide improved load balancing across a given database or server. 

The new export and backup function has been a desired feature among Microsoft SQL Server users for some time. Now, they will be able to create a storage account that will support transactional-consistent copies of any SQL database. Also, the process can be automated, which will make it easier to manage for IT workers and database administrators. 

InfoQ reported that backup files can be created on a daily basis and users will be able to hold onto these documents for as long as they want. More impressive, new databases are able to be created via an exported model. Although the source indicated that it could be costly to invest in this service, it will enhance disaster recovery options for Azure databases that have been lacking in the past. 

Premium version great for big data
A new premium version of Azure SQL is now being offered as well, the source stated. It will make servers more powerful and will allow users to better manage cloud apps. Now, processes that require a significant amount of memory and CPU to operate will be easily supported. Also, the premium version will be able to simultaneously run more than the 180 requests that other versions are limited to. 

As GCN noted, many enterprises that conduct big data analytics use an SQL structure to crunch information, mainly because it's an adaptable and common language. For companies and IT professionals who use Microsoft SQL Server to analyze big data, the premium version of Azure may provide enhanced support for such actions due to its ability to handle massive work loads. 

Industry professionals who may not know how to configure and manage SQL databases or cloud services should consider investing in Microsoft certification courses. These classes can be taken online from reputable training providers that have teachers experienced in using both SQL and Azure. With Microsoft's business software being common in many industries, investing in the company's certification courses is wise. 

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