New SharePoint 2013 features IT professionals may not know about

26 July 2013

SharePoint 2013 included a number of new features that excited many IT professionals. From sophisticated social media tools to mobile functions, the new software edition was met with praise from many in the industry. Although it required additional SharePoint training for many, the new tools made it a worthy investment for most tech professionals.

Microsoft hasn't stopped with its mobile SharePoint innovation. Just recently, CMSWire reported that the software giant announced the launch of the SharePoint Newsfeed app for Windows 8 devices. This will allow workers to keep tabs on their social interactions within the program on an easily accessible app that can be used on smartphones and tablets.

Like SharePoint's Newsfeed service for the desktop version, the new mobile app will offer many of the same features. The source stated that Windows 8 users will be able to filter site feeds, create posts and upload pictures. Also, the app can be swiped the side of the screen, allowing program owners to easily transition from task to task. Any SharePoint account with a personal site on SharePoint Server 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint Online will be able to use the app.

For several years, businesses and server room workers have been calling for social and mobile features, so it makes sense that these new tools took up most of the spotlight at launch. However, TechTarget noted that there are a number of equally as useful features that have gone under the radar.

New search capabilities
One of the most useful and likely to be used features in SharePoint 2013 highlighted by the source is the revamped search and e-discovery feature. In past versions, Microsoft included rather simple search functions that made it a challenge to locate a particular file or site in large databases of SharePoint content. The new Result Type tool allows the software to list out several search predictions based on real time entry. Also, users can hover over these results to preview files to see if it is indeed the document they are looking for. Learning how to use this function is easy with the right Microsoft training program.

With the introduction of a solid search analytics platform, Microsoft has not only made its search engine provide more results, it has made it more accurate. Based on a machine learning type model, SharePoint 2013 aggregates search entries over time, enabling the engine to learn user habits and request which can provide more informed feedback.

HTML5 integration
One of the major limitations of web development software is that it is not adaptable. Generally, design programs are built on specific languages that are only readable on certain devices or operating systems. As a result, programmers created HTML5 coding that is able to easily adapt to different computing devices in real time to display accurate, uniform websites.

Fortunately for SharePoint users, Microsoft has enhanced site development by integrating HTML5 into the 2013 version. According to TechTarget, this makes it easier for non-tech savvy professionals to create great looking sites on SharePoint's easy-to-navigate user interface without having to re-write code to make sites run on different browsers or mobile devices, as long as they have the proper SharePoint 2013 training. Also, the source indicated that it should reduce the time it takes to design and build SharePoint sites. 

Content management
The source noted that it's now much simpler to conduct cross-site publishing operations in SharePoint 2013. With the Managed Navigation feature, users can build navigation structures that are driven by multiple terms or term sets. These entries can be adapted from various site collections and integrated to provide for more detailed and comprehensive term groupings. Also, sites and pages are confined to a single term or term set. Rather, the source stated that users can now use multiple terms for different pages. 

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