Windows Azure developments offer users more flexible solutions

19 July 2013

Microsoft certification courses for cloud configuration may boost career prospects for IT professionals due to the number of changes to the company's hosted-cloud service, Windows Azure. Able to integrate with other business tools such as SharePoint, Azure has long been a useful tool for collaboration in a mobile office environment.

App development made easier
At the company's recent Build Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft officials announced that they would be allowing all interested developers and programmers to access Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites in order to create more useful enterprise-grade applications, VentureBeat noted.

In particular, Azure Mobile Services is an extremely beneficial tool for app development teams because it supports the creation of cross-OS apps. From iOS to Android and Windows 8, Azure Mobile can help programmers build apps that can be comprehensively accessed across a number of different smartphones and tablets. Powered by HTML5 design, the easy-to-use language is extremely adaptable and integrates easily and automatically with most mobile devices.

One of the more widely used business software products, the source stated that Microsoft estimated that over half of all Fortune 500 companies use Azure and that the cloud service stores more than 8.5 trillion data objects overall. It shows why Microsoft training for Azure is in high demand among even the most experienced IT workers.

Oracle deal makes Azure a market leader
Microsoft and Oracle recently announced a partnership deal that took many industry experts by surprise. Now, both companies will offer integrated database and server solutions for some of their key products and services, including Azure.

Forrester research expert James Staten noted that the development should put Azure and Microsoft at the forefront of the cloud market. Staten indicated that Azure is now a more viable option for enterprises because Oracle software is only supported on OracleVM and Hyper-V. Also, it makes Microsoft more competitive with Amazon Web Service cloud systems because Azure is now accessible by a much larger market than it was previously without the Oracle partnership.

Staten speculated that the move may have been a calculated risk on the part of Oracle. Due to Azure's growing use and market strength, Oracle may have decided to take advantage of the platform's popularity rather than be shut out from getting in on the action.

Any IT professional that is unfamiliar with Azure should participate in a relevant Microsoft training course for the platform. Through an online training provider, employed IT experts looking to enhance their skill set can do so easily and conveniently after normal business hours from the comfort of their home. 

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