SharePoint training can help IT professionals utilize the cloud

16 July 2013

Cloud servers and databases are some of the most rapidly adopted technologies in the IT industry today. Many IT managers and business leaders are turning to the technologies to increase collaboration by using business-grade sharing software such as Microsoft SharePoint. By taking the right Microsoft certification courses, IT workers can be ready to place systems on the cloud, making them more accessible to employees. 

Office 365 making up ground
In the past several years, Google Docs and Gchat have been popular business collaboration tools that utilized hosted-cloud services. However, Ars Technica recently reported that Microsoft's newest version of Office 365 has closed the gap with Google in terms of offering enterprise ready solutions for collaboration. 

The source indicated that there is now very little difference between an onsite hosting platform and a convenient hosted service that can run on the cloud via Microsoft Azure. Stronger features and tools that have boosted data protection and e-discovery practices in Office 365 have made Microsoft's line of products more suited for cloud integration. 

Balanced use possible
Another benefit of the new line of Microsoft products is that they can be accessed easily on hosted and in-house platforms, while enabling easy transition to the other, the source reported. This means that hosted files on Office 365 can be easily brought up on an in-house Lync server. Although the integration of the two setups is relatively simple, the source did state that there are some new and exciting features – particularly with Exchange's email inbox – that users will find to be innovative. Due to this, additional Microsoft training for the new version of Exchange may be necessary for IT professionals. 

SkyDrive Pro
According to Redmond Magazine, the new SkyDrive Pro feature should make cloud storage and sharing a much safer process. Similar to public cloud sharing platforms such as Dropbox, SkyDrive Pro allows workers to easily send and open files to each other via an easy to navigate user interface. However, Microsoft has included many security features in the platform that will make it much safer to send files through the cloud. 

Open to app development
Previous versions of SharePoint and Office did not support apps in the same way that Google or even Apple have on their products and services. It's been a major source of discontent for the many enterprise users of Microsoft software. However, that is set to change. 

The source reported that the new Microsoft Office Store will include third party apps that users can download. Some may cost money, while others are free. Regardless, it will allow IT professionals to access numerous apps that they have never seen before. It should enable them to find more suitable programs for the particular needs of their given business. 

Additionally, programmers will be able to create their own SharePoint compatible apps via Visual Studio, Redmond Magazine noted. These apps can then be easily launched on a corporate catalog or even made available for other accounts to download in the Office Store. 

Social Sites make it easy to use
SharePoint training is important for IT professionals but it's unlikely that every employee outside of the server room will be required to undergo proper certification for the program. However, Social Sites can be included in a cloud deployment, according to NewsGator, which is good news for the average non-tech savvy professional. These sites are extremely simple to master and allow for sharing and collaboration to be done on an interface that is similar to many social media platforms. Including a NewsFeed similar to that found on Facebook and tagging service modeled after Twitter, most modern professionals will be able to use Social Sites in the cloud. 

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