Windows 8.1 may offer more enterprise benefits

12 July 2013

Mobile enterprise solutions powered by Microsoft tablets are set to get an upgrade pending the launch of Windows 8.1. According to PCWorld, the company plans to offer the upgrade of its operating software to OEMs sometime in August. Although a specific date for a consumer release was not provided, the source speculated that an October deployment to the public is likely. 

The announcement was made at the software giant's recent Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston. Roughly 90 percent of Microsoft's revenue is driven by its partner enterprises, the source reported. 

Old format returns
Some users of Windows 8 were not satisfied with Microsoft dropping its long-used Start button included in past operating systems. However, InformationWeek noted that the company plans to bring the feature back in Windows 8.1. 

In a separate article, PCWorld highlighted that there will be improved security measures on Windows 8.1, a move by Microsoft to make the OS a more viable enterprise product. Additionally, the company plans to include Office with the software update, which should make it even more attractive to business leaders. The fact that the program now offers such easy integration with common business-grade programs such as SharePoint should make it a more attractive choice for CIOs investing in software. 

Cloud development
At the conference, Microsoft officials also indicated that the company plans to improve its cloud services, PCWorld stated. In particular, the company intends to integrate public data with the private cloud via Microsoft Azure, the company's SharePoint compatible cloud application. 

Although increased integration is a welcome development, some IT professionals may not be able to properly configure and manage Windows 8.1 to function with cloud services. However, by taking the right Microsoft certification courses, IT workers can cultivate the skills necessary to manage cloud data. 

Dedicated to collaboration
The source also stated that Microsoft executives have revamped a number of social services that can operate across a number of platforms. The encouragement to collaborate is part of the company's initiative to provide simpler solutions for businesses. 

With Windows 8.1 being able to access and build data for Office, SharePoint and a number of other programs, investing in the company's enterprise products can be a boost to overall productivity. With the modern business world being increasingly driven by new technology, finding the right products that allow employees to interact and work together is a top priority for CIOs. 

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