Collaborative tools like SharePoint driving business innovation

28 June 2013

The modern business world is one that is centered around communications technology. That much has been evident in recent years as bring-your-own-device offices and a dedicated approach to building mobile services have been the hallmark of IT development. However, collaborative solutions are becoming more sophisticated as executives search for ways to take advantage of increased connectivity to boost production. 

One of the ways in which CIOs are accomplishing this is by investing in collaborative software such as Microsoft SharePoint. The Jacksonville Business Journal recently reported that Bank of America's CTO Debbie Guild stated that real-time employee collaboration is the trend having the most impact on business innovation today. 

In particular, businesses are looking to establish social platforms that revolutionize the way in which organizations conduct operations. Many are seeking systems that can connect in-office workers with remote employees and server solutions that include unified communications services such as SharePoint are becoming popular. In the past, companies built technology simply to communicate. Today, businesses are using communications tools to take over traditional operations, the source stated. 

Modern corporate culture requires a high-level of interaction among colleagues and clients. With new technology offering workers an unprecedented ability to communicate easily, it's no surprise that many IT professionals are participating in SharePoint training courses. 

SharePoint gets social
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 includes several new features designed to increase the social media feel of the platform. One such feature that CMSWire recently highlighted is the ability to start conversations via a Twitter modeled platform. Each news site includes a Newsfeed that allows users to tag other accounts by using the @ symbol. 

When an account is mentioned, an email notification is sent to the user. Also, all feeds from the various sites that users have access to are combined on the homepage, making it easier for users to see what collaborations and conversations are taking place. 

The 2013 edition of SharePoint also allows users to follow accounts, sites and even documents, the source stated. This makes it much simpler to keep tabs on interesting content that may be relevant to a particular industry or project. 

With several new social tools within SharePoint, IT professionals may see the demand for the software spike among enterprises. For this reason SharePoint 2013 training may be necessary in order for tech workers to understand the revamped program. Online courses can be a convenient and easily accessible educational medium for IT employees pressed for time. 

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