Yammer integration with SharePoint provides options for users

25 June 2013

SharePoint training has been a favorite source of education for IT professionals, as the software is used by a significant number of businesses. Part of the reason for the platform's success is that it provides users with a high level of flexibility.

Now, the enterprise collaboration tool is even more flexible, thanks to Microsoft's purchase of Yammer. According to PCWorld, the software giant bought social networking and communications provider Yammer for $1.2 billion last June.

After waiting several months to unveil their plans, the company announced that Yammer was coming to SharePoint in March.

Gartner reported that the service would be integrated with SharePoint via the Microsoft's cloud-based software, Office 365. In SharePoint 2013, the company included a Newsfeed feature that encouraged collaboration and social media style interactions between co-workers. However, users that are dissatisfied with that service can use opt to use Yammer instead of Newsfeed. It's just another way in which Microsoft is giving customers more options.

Another positive feature of Yammer integration is that the various Office Web Apps will now be included within Yammer, allowing workers to access documents from within a browser, according to Gartner.

The latest developments
More recently, Microsoft announced a number of new ways in which the collaboration between Yammer, SharePoint and other products will occur. As PCWorld noted, there will now be improved email access as well as integration between Lync and Exchange.

Additionally, Yammer will see its instant messaging platform revamped as part of the company's attempt to unify communications services between all of its products. On a similar note, Microsoft plans to provide a Yammer app for SharePoint in the near future that enables a Yammer feed to be placed on a SharePoint site, making it easier to discuss projects in real time with clients and colleagues.

Easy to upgrade
Many companies using SharePoint 2010 are thinking about updating their software to the latest version. That's precisely what Aéroports de Paris – a French airport management company – did last year, according to Microsoft.

The organization's old SharePoint setup was massive. With 2 terabytes of data across 1,500 sites, the company had a significant amount of information available to its workforce. However, it wanted to improve access to data for its 9,000 employees which led to it upgrading the SharePoint 2013.

According to source, Aéroports de Paris found the transition to the new software to be quick and easy. It enabled the company to streamline sharing across the platform and helped workers find files instantly via the reconfigured search feature for SharePoint 2013.

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