Fortune 500 companies rely heavily on Microsoft SharePoint

18 June 2013

SharePoint training may help IT professionals land jobs at some of the world's most powerful companies. According to a Rackspace survey of 14,000 American IT workers, the source found that 78 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use some version of SharePoint

The size and scale of SharePoint use is incredible. If measured as it's own company, Microsoft SharePoint's 125 million licenses and 65,000 customers would make it one of the 50 largest software companies in the world. 

What SharePoint does is help businesses better organize data. It offers a number of useful tools that can help tech workers establish databases as well as promote collaboration between employees with an easy-to-navigate unified communications user interface. 

As the source stated, data overload cost companies $997 billion in 2011. However, with SharePoint, that loss can be severely mitigated as the software boosts productivity and helps users save time. Sales departments that used the collaborative tool were able to cut 270 processes and 34 minutes formulating a quote with the software.

Another benefit of the program is that it can help businesses reduce their hardware costs. The software can be used via the cloud and offers users the ability to access information from central severs and databases. Rackspace reported that the top challenge for IT professionals is budgeting for hardware, indicating how useful SharePoint can be.

Office crossover
Documents that are housed on a shared folder can be accessed by SharePoint, as well as by Microsoft Office programs, according to Marquette University. This means that it's relatively easy to run files on several different programs, making it convenient to use. If one user has sufficient knowledge of PowerPoint but not SharePoint, he or she will still be able to read and create files. 

The source also noted that it's not necessary to use a virtual private network to access SharePoint files on the Internet. This can help companies save on hardware expenses as well as reduce the IT workload by simplifying network configuration. 

With a new version of the program recently hitting the market, IT professionals may want to invest in SharePoint 2013 training. A number of new features are included in the software which may change how users interact with the product. Understanding these new processes and applications can be of use to IT workers tasked with integrating the latest version of SharePoint into business operations. 

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