Microsoft training needed due to new SQL 2014 features

14 June 2013

The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server will have a number of new features, making Microsoft training necessary for IT professionals. The widely used enterprise-grade database tool offers businesses a great storage solution that can help address onsite and cloud data networks. 

OLTP technology 
ZDNet recently reported that one of the new features to be included in SQL Server 2014 will be built-in memory online transaction processions (OLTP) technology. The source noted that Microsoft announced that the new technology would be part of the latest version last year. 

The rapid user response request system should make SQL Server an even more efficient solution for companies. Also, the source stated that it will be included via an engine that has been named "Hekaton" by Microsoft. At the company's TechEd conference, officials highlighted that the new engine would work with in-memory data processes that have been used in previous versions of SQL Server. It also stated that Hekaton would be compatible with older SQL Server tables, so there is no need for a hardware upgrade. 

Solid-state support
Apart from the upgrade to built-in memory, SQL Server 2014 will include additional support for solid-state drives that are becoming more popular. ZDNet indicated that a buffer-pool-extension will allow for faster hard paging on systems using the emerging hard drive technology. 

Cloud capabilities increase
SQL Server Pro recently reported that the next version of the program will have more options for users who want to integrate SQL with Azure – Microsoft's cloud database solution. Workers will now be able to backup files from SQL Server to Azure platforms, which should increase the ability for co-workers to collaborate with each other as well as with clients. Additionally, SQL Server 2014 will make it possible for IT professionals to quickly restore virtual machines that may have been changed, according to the source. 

Big data management 
Although it gave few specifics, SQL Server Pro stated that the new version of SQL Server will have better dig data management tools. It noted that users will find it is simple to integrate SQL Server 2014 with Windows Server 2012, which should provide easy access and exchange of large amounts of data. 

With so many changes on the horizon, additional SQL training will be important for Microsoft Certified Professionals. Online classes offer one of the most convenient options for IT workers looking to expand their skill set and knowledge of SQL Server. 

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