Improved web analytics headlines SharePoint 2013 features

12 June 2013

SharePoint training for IT professionals may be necessary, even for tech workers that have used previous versions of the Microsoft product. A number of new features and tools included in SharePoint 2013 means that IT managers will need to become proficient in using the software before allowing employees to access the program. However, many of the new inclusions offer exciting business collaboration opportunities that makes investing in additional training a worthwhile expense. 

One of the most talked about improvements to the software is the revamped Web Analytics feature. TechTarget reported that Microsoft has enhanced the already sophisticated tool that was included on the last version of SharePoint which allowed users to compile statistics on traffic, deployment and other functions. 

However, SharePoint 2013 goes a step further by enabling workers to analyze information relating to user behavior. Analytics Processing Component is the new Web Analytics feature that enable workers to integrate search index information into data analysis. Not only does the new technology work with SharePoint 2013, it also is compatible with SharePoint Online, a welcome development for IT managers looking to move operations to the cloud. 

Application improvements
Many of the useful applications that come with SharePoint have been upgraded as well, Microsoft noted. One development that will be of interest to businesses that operate internationally is the Machine Translation Service app. This allows accurate translations of sites and their content. Also, the new service provides real-time translations that can make it easier for companies to work with foreign clients and partners. 

Indicating how dedicated Microsoft is to promoting cross-platform access, the company introduced the Work Service Management app into SharePoint 2013. It allows users to integrate events and tasks across a number of the company's products including Exchange Server and Lync. It's just another tool that is simplifying business communication for SharePoint users. 

With proper Microsoft training, IT professionals will have the ability to configure some of the most widely used business programs in the world. Having Microsoft certifications can make a job applicant stand out to CIOs and IT managers.

Trusted across a number of industries, Microsoft's line of certificates provide tech professionals with credible proof of their proficiency in managing SharePoint, Lync, SQL Server and many of the company's other sophisticated platforms.

Participating in an online Microsoft training course can be an effective source of education for IT workers. These classes are convenient for busy professionals and can be accessed from remote locations. 

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