Office 365, SharePoint training can help collaboration

11 June 2013

Microsoft's latest version of its Office software – Office 365 – is now able to integrate with some of the company's other products, including SharePoint. Employees will be able to successfully sync files from both programs with Microsoft's new SkyDrive Pro application, according to ZDNet.

The source indicated that SkyDrive Pro – the business version of SkyDrive – was announced last year and is included in some Office 365 subscriptions. It allows users running SharePoint or SharePoint Online via Office 365 to sync data with on or offsite servers, as well as other employees' sites in SharePoint. 

Also, implementing SkyDrive Pro is fairly simple for those who already have Office 365 Plus, Office Professionals Plus 2013 or Office 365 Small Business Premium, as they already have access to the enterprise version of SkyDrive. Users of these advanced programs don't need to install the software, while those with more limited versions of Office 365 will need to download SkyDrive Pro, ZDNet stated. 

As for storage options relating to syncing, offsite cloud servers are able to hold up to 7GB of data. Any onsite platform will vary, depending on the infrastructure of a given company. 

SkyDrive Pro is compatible with Widows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. 

Office 365 in action
A recent article from Microsoft highlighted just how efficient of a collaborative tool Office 365 can be. It provided the case of Janna Robinson, a technology expert who conducts business across the country. 

Apart from providing useful business solutions, Robinson noted that Office 365 has made her personal life more streamlined as well. At the time the article was published, she noted that she was set to be married in a few months and indicated that she was able to work closely with individuals across the nation to shop for flower arrangements, cakes and other important investments a bride-to-be must think about.

With both her work and private lives being extremely busy, she indicated that Office 365 has helped her better manage both through its simplistic approach. With SkyDrive, she is able to access corporate and personal information at a moment's notice with Word, Excel and any other Office program on the mobile device of her choosing.

With Office 365 offering so much flexibility, it's easy to see why it's a fantastic business tool. In the world of complex technology, simplicity is key for companies looking to boost productivity. For IT professionals, having the right Microsoft training will allow them to properly configure Office and SharePoint platforms, which will be seen as an invaluable service to many executives. 

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