SQL Server 2014 to integrate with Azure, offer a better processing speed

6 June 2013
Software News

Additional Microsoft training may be necessary for IT professionals, as the software company recently announced a number of new features will be included in several of its server products. The Next Web reported that there will be significant additions to SQL Server. Most of the changes, the source noted, are focused on increasing cloud usage for Microsoft's platforms. 

Azure to support SQL Server
Scheduled to launch to the public later this year, SQL Server 2014 will be highly integrated with Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud-based server medium. Part of the transition to a cloud-centric model is an upgrade to SQL Server memory platforms. 

For tech professionals who don't have SQL training under their belts, enrolling in an SQL course may be wise given that the software will be so closely related to Azure. The Next Web noted that there are currently 250,000 Azure customers and the platform adds an additional 1,000 users per day. 

Faster processing 
PCWorld stated that the latest version of the server software will include a revamped relational database management system (RDMS). The software will now include a built-in memory model that should improve processing for online sharing. According to the source, by using Microsoft's company-developed Heckaton memory technology, transaction times can be reduced up to 50 times. 

Another positive aspect of SQL Server 2014 is that it may help executives and IT managers save significantly on hardware costs. PCWorld reported that Microsoft believes the new features included in the latest version will make it possible for the software to run on fewer servers.

SQL Server is able to make this possible by transitioning highly accessed data onto the working memory of a particular server. The source cited a Microsoft official who highlighted the case of Bwin, an online gaming outlet. When the firm began using a beta version of SQL Server 2014, it was able to increase the number of web-based transactions from 15,000 per second to 250,000 per second, showing that the speed of the latest SQL Server is exponentially better than previous releases. 

With Azure and SQL Server becoming more connected, being able to operate and manage both systems is important for any professional in the IT industry. 

Partaking in Microsoft certifications courses can make a job applicant stand out in the crowded IT field. Online training offerings are one of the best mediums on which to conduct such lessons, as they offer flexibility and convenience. IT workers who are currently employed can easily access these web-based classes from the home.

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