Microsoft Office 365 booms, new offerings coming for server platforms

4 June 2013
Software News

It's been an active week for Microsoft, as the tech giant announced new features for some its server products, as well as a landmark for its Office 365 program.

Highlighting how useful Microsoft training can be, the company reported that Office 365 topped 1 million sales in just over 100 days at the end of May. That means the latest product from the software firm has reached the 1 million user mark faster than Hulu Plus, Spotify, Dropbox and even Facebook. With so many businesses and consumers using Microsoft products such as Office 365, it's important for IT professionals to fully understand how to use and integrate the firm's software. 

One of the reasons for the success of Office 365 is that it's a great deal for businesses as well as consumers, according to Forbes. Previous Office versions were designed for use on just one computer, while Office 365 can be installed on up to five devices with a single $100 annual subscription. It includes all the programs listed in Office 2013 Pro, which costs $400. Since Office 365 includes five licenses, it is essentially a $2,000 product for $100, the source noted. 

Another advantage of the new software is that it is cloud based and can be installed on various machines in several locations. This is a great advantage for small business owners who may want to enable employees to access company data from home. 

New server features
At the recent annual Microsoft TechEd North America conference, the company announced a number of new products and features, many associated with Windows Server 2012, ZDNet reported. One of the latest offerings is a more detailed support system for Office 365 to allow easier collaboration between the two services. Also, using SharePoint in conjunction with Windows Server is now more secure, as Microsoft stated that it will include enhanced mobile device management tools for SharePoint in its next version of Windows Server 2012. 

SQL Server upgrades are on the horizon as well. ZDNet stated that Microsoft will be integrating in-memory database technology into the business platform. Additionally, the company plans to offer a higher level of cloud backup support when it launches SQL Server 2014. 

With new features coming to some of Microsoft's most commonly used business tools, staying up with the latest trends is important for IT workers. By taking Microsoft certification courses, tech workers can ensure that they are ready for the latest releases. 

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